European Discus Throw Conference 2021. This is an event focused on discus throw and we will have the best experts and lecturers from all over the world to cover these topics. The program involves a combination of lecture sessions and practical skills development on the track and in the weight room.

The confirmed keynote speakers are Olympic Champion Valarie Allman and her coach Zebulon Sion. They will give theoretical lectures and also practical sessions in the training hall.

FRIDAY 19th November (location Tallink Spa Hotel, Sadama 11a)

16:00 Opening of the conference
16:15 Piotr Malachowski and Gerd Kanter "Career of Pior Malachowski"
17:45 Coffee break 30min
18:15 Zebulon Sion "Coaching philosophy and progress of Valarie Allman" + QA
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Free discussion with the presenters at the bar 

SATURDAY 20th November (location morning session Lasnamäe Kergejõustiku Hall, address Punane 45. Evening session location Tallink Spa Hotel, Sadama 11a)

09:00 Bus from hotel to the Training Hall
09:30 Vaccination passport check at the hall
09:45 Zebulon Sion Practical Throwing session with Valarie Allmann
10:45 Break 15min
11:00 Zebulon Sion Practical Lifting session with Valarie Allmann
12:20 Bus from Training Hall to the Hotel
12:45 Lunch
13:00-14:30 PCR testing option at the hotel. Cost is 45 eur (+2 eur for certificate).
13:00 SPA + Sauna Break 3h
16:00 Vésteinn Hafsteinsson "Tokyo Silver Simon Pettersson technique and development" + QA
17:15 Coffee break
17:45 Zebulon Sion and Shaun Pickering "Valarie Allmann technical analysis"
19:30 Dinner 
20.00 Free discussion at the bar

SUNDAY 21st November (location Tallink Spa Hotel, Sadama 11a)

09:30 René Sack "Development and planning on example of Nadine Müller" + QA
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Raul Rebane "Hero Building - Image of An Athlete and Strategic thinking"
11:45 Break
12:15 Kristjan Ceh and Shaun Pickering "New Kid in The Block - Kristjan Ceh"
13:15 End of the Conference
13:15 Lunch

Please, note that the time schedule is subject to change, and will be updated continuously up to the conference.



Valarie will come to Tallinn to give practical throwing and lifting session demonstrations.


Zebulon Sion will come to Tallinn to present his coaching philosophy and the story behind Valarie Allman. He will have theoretical lectures and also practical sessions together with the Olympic Champion herself.